Black Photocopies - We will photocopy small scale black copying jobs while you wait. Larger scale black photocopying may require the project to be left and picked up at a later time. Quantity discounts will be available for large scale projects.

Color Photocopying - Miller's offers state of the art, full color copying while you wait on small scale projects and pick up at a later time on large scale projects. For best results, we recommend you bring your project in on a CD or another form or portable media. We also accept email attachments in a PDF or Microsoft format.

Laminating - 8.5" x 11" size cold laminating is available while you wait on small scale projects. Our laminating is two sided and is 5.6 mil thickness using standard gloss sheets. Larger scale projects or larger sizes are also available and involve a turn around time.

Binding - Binding projects can add to the finished, professional appearance of a document. Miller's is capable of offering punched, document binding using a variety of special stocks and colors. Plastic combs are used to finish off the binding look.

Blueprinting - We invite you to bring us your blueprinting projects for duplication. We also provide blueprinting supplies such as blueprint paper and ammonia.

Whiteprinting - We also make whitecopies for large dimension white paper projects. There is a small turnaround time for such copies. Please inquire for details.

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